Pork scratchings


Well in!


Patience is overrated


So much for for taking your time! :smile:


I blame you :smiley:


Haha. Nice one Jim!


Toppus Notchus.

Just what we need, another cunt in a Porker


You forgot fat :+1:


Would I ?

That’s personal.


Fantastic Jim. Enjoy.


Good call. Well done Bruv :+1:


Nice one Jim, lovely car, hope you enjoy it!


Thanks everyone :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Congrats mate. I love the brake calipers too.


Nice one. Now you need a speed camera detector :wink:


Normally the yellow calipers signify ceramic discs, but for some reason these have just been repainted yellow.


Fake brake news :laughing:


Fab, big grin time :grin:


Congrats mate :grinning:

You might wanna put these on retainer…

If I was retiring to Norfolk I’d probably buy a boat but each to their own :+1:


What use would that be for fishing though? Oh wait…


A VERY good buy. I’m jealous. What a bargain. I’d much rather buy privately than from a garage, you know where its been!

It might be worth getting the oil and filter changed annually. Just use a local garage and use an OEM oil filter (Mann or Mahler), it’ll cost you about £100 if you use somewhere sensible.