Pork scratchings



it wasn’t too easy getting onto the paved area in front of our house :thinking: I’ll need more practice!


Looks for sandals and socks :thinking:

Where’s my Bruv and what have you done to him :astonished:


Did you try launch control? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Also, remember not to put diesel into it!


Phwoaarr! Nice one :slight_smile:


The tank was less than a quarter full on Saturday on the test drive, but today it was three-quarters full :heart_eyes:
The vendor has been excellent. What a good chap! :+1:


@Jim, I need gratuitous pictures of the engine please :wink:


Impressive the way your clothes match the paintwork. It used to be that your clothes matched the nearest table cloth :wink:.

Nice car BTW. No point learning to park it properly, it is a Porker so the full cuntishness quotient is required when aband…sorry docki…oops I meant parking it


I expect a lift to the Turan forthwith :grin:


Being completely shallow, and knowing nothing about cars: I like the colour.



Mmmmmmm, lovely V8’ness…


VTA looks a bit out.


just leave it outside my house and walk! take a taxi


post a picture up of the all the buttons in the centre console…I love the buttons…


Nice one. Any speeding tickets yet? :grinning:


Is the sat nav up to date? Hope you saved a few bob to get new maps etc.


Uhhummm, I might or might not have an email address that can assist with providing the discs to update the maps.


Not sure. Dread to think how much a new map will cost…:thinking: