Pork scratchings


Err…probably not Dave.


Try dat. Impossible to park correctly in the next parking space so the passengers could exit the porker.




After Brexit, this will be the new Porch:



Which model will represent the conservatory?


Austin Maxi handles like a conservatory.


Jim let me have a drive of his Porsche yesterday. Dreamy :heart:


Was he drunk.:face_with_hand_over_mouth:


Must be mad.


Were you? :wink:


No, and after a week on my new diet I have lost 2.2kg. :+1: Join me Jim.


Amputation? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Decapitation FTW !


Jim is obviously preparing himself for the day when he gets nicked by the gendarmes for speeding whilst abroad, and needs a driver. Pete, safe pair of hands after a couple of years with a 911 ( as long as you discretely activate the speed limiter without him knowing, and stick to mainly motorways or A roads, not country lanes). Mark is probably safe also. But one day, he may need to call on Adam. He needs to build up to this potential emergency gently.


Porsche Pana on top gear now


Lost another hat?



For Pete next time you take him to a restaurant. :sunglasses:


They can’t park their vehicles between lines in a carpark. How do you think they will keep colours within the lines ?


…but but, I wasn’t the cunt who parked it :innocent: