Pork scratchings


It’ll sound like a V6, so probably nice. But like a big V8, though.


Interestingly, the hybrid has 16bhp and 60odd lb/ft more than my car, but is half a second slower to 60 - must be the extra weight of the batteries presumably. Also there are only S models on Autotrader - no 4 wheel drive version?


Do it.


Too timid.

Either say you’re going to buy one, or better still, have already bought one, and then we’ll really tell you what we think :grinning:


Nice one here with that lovely colour interior that @coco likes so much…


Subtle :laughing:


Real ceramic brakes! :heart_eyes:


Yeah, and highlighter yellow brake mountings :face_vomiting:


No 4WD explains why it’s slower to 60, probably they either couldn’t fit the 4WD it it would make it even heavier (it’s already horrific)

In the real world it’s probably similar with the extra torque offsetting the weight.


Ive driven one and been driven in one, and in the cabin it was pretty quiet even at full beans…

I was given a lift in one a few weeks back when I mine serviced - lovely car inside, I think the dealer said you’d get about 13 miles on the batteries alone


13 miles ?

Pffft - not even a return trip to the Turan ffs !


13 whole miles, on the flat at 40mph, wow hasn’t technology really come on. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Indeed, cutting edge stuff.



For me, plug-in hybrids need to be able to do the school run for three to five days between charges, so about 30 miles at least. Then for light weeks I could be electric-only. It would also be worth charging them at a public point. 13 miles is a total waste of time.


Careful, the fan-bois will be frothing :joy:


Essentially, you need charging at work to make milk float hybrids work. It is something that works well for businesses from a tax perspective. Work is apparently considering them, if so a Passat GTE might be a possibility.


If I was a company car driver the e-Golf would be very tempting. Normal looking car, decent fit and finish and low tax full electric.


One of these days I will understand the rationale behind company car rules


The hybrid panamera is a bad joke. A totally pointless car that only illuminates the contempt the motor industry has for everybody and everything. Getting busted for fiddling emissions has obviously had no impact.