Portable music player with Spotify

After a 2 week spell in hospital, I realized that not having a good quality portable music source, was a missing link.
There are plenty of good quality players, but does anyone have experience with one that has Spotify, as well?

Can’t help with the player, but glad to hear you’re out of hospital, Gregg.

Hope you’re recovering well from whatever it is/was.

iPad mini with Dragonfly DAC.

What adding a dragonfly dac to your phone?

I would really prefer a seperate unit, with player/storage/DAC/headphone amp.

I was very unlucky, and got a very serious kidney infection, and ended up in resus, in the emergency room. Two weeks in hospital, with a drain out of my kidney, and massive doses of antibiotics, four times a day. Released to come home, with a nurses visit, once a day, to administer antibiotics, once a day for three weeks. No alcohol for five weeks.
After lots of blood tests, cultures, and two heart tests, all clear.


Ooh, nasty. Glad you’re on the mend :+1:

Didn’t realise it was that bad Gregg.

Pleased you’re on the mend


Seriously though Gregg, glad you’re on the mend.

That sounds truly horrific, must have been a very stressful time for you and your family. So glad to hear your recovering well. Look forward to seeing you at some bake off in the future.
All the best Gregg. :heart:

Seriously hope you’re on the mend Gregg.

Best wishes for a speedy recovery Gregg.

Take care of yourself Gregg :+1:

Welcome to the Yorkshire Tea club. It must be great to get out of hospital after such a scare. Good luck with the recovery.

Get betterer soon Gregg!

I am absolutely fine now, with no after effects.
I had my first real ale today, two pints, of one of my favourite beers, Woodford Wherry


Great news :+1:

Fuck, that all sounds a nasty surprise.

Anyway, for Spotify you need some kind of Android based device. So either a phone - LG are the leaders for audio usually - or there are some of the fancy players that are Android based. You should be able to install Spotify on most, but do check that it’s not too old a version.

Quite pissed right now, but don’t Fiio do an Android device? I think that must make a good fist of Spotify.

Glad to hear you’re on the mend anyway :+1:

More sober now.

Fiio X5iii and X7ii both run Android and can run Spotify. There may be more Fiio players that run Android, but the Fiio web site isn’t exactly helpful.