(Posting bad memes is not) Armchair politics

Does anyone else find Barry Gardiner creepy? He’s a very clever bloke, but there is something about him that I can’t stand.

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Haha, spinning like a top trying to face all ways at once. Strap on some magnets and wire and generate electricity.

“I’m in favour of B… b… bbbremexitaint’

He’ll drill through to Australia if he’s not careful.


I don’t find him the least bit creepy, but neither do I find him to be in the least bit very clever

No longer your concern Pete. You’ve got Chuka, Anna & the lovely Mike Gapes to vote for now :+1: .


Gapes for PM.

Whether these amount to anything remains to be seen, but the sight of Aaron Bastani and Owen Jones completely losing their shit over it on Twitter is worth the price of admission on its own.


Owen Jones has taken it particularly badly :grinning:


They’ve spent a solid 48 hours non-stop tweeting about how irrelevant they are.

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Yes, because I think your precious Labour Party under Corbyn is an abject failure I must support the breakaway. :roll_eyes:

So, I guess vilification, smearing and conspiracies rather than accepting there is a problem with the leadership. Congratulations on proving my point. :grinning:

Are you still taking the line that brexit has to happen because Jeremy says so, even though you accept its will be disastrous for the country?

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I see Jones tweets but not Bastani’s. I can only imagine.

I haven’t ‘villified’ anyone but feel free to make stuff up.

I’d have thought Owen Jones would have been too busy at Highgate Cemetery with his toothbrush and a bottle of thinners cleaning his hero

This must have been my imagination.

I did find it odd that whoever did that graffiti was blaming Marx for things that other people did nearly 40 years after he’d died.

They haven’t declared who is funding it because they don’t have to. Given the IEA & TPA’s stance on Brexit it’d be highly unlikely that they’d be funding the Independent Group but of course you’d know that. With regard to Alastair Campbell & Tony Blair, let’s see, I suspect they will be involved in some capacity soon enough.

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I’m pretty sure Tony Blair is behind this.

So, pure speculation aiming to discredit by association. That’s called fake news.

Clearly you think they should be discredited rather than accepting the very real problems with Corbyn and co’s leadership. That’s why labour (and the tories) are fucked.

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Things can only get better :+1:


Any evidence, or is it just a guess.


Total guess :+1:

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