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I do wonder how these MP’s from either party were able to hold their noses & get elected on the backs of manifestos they clearly didn’t sign up to but Ken Clarke managed to justify it for himself quite neatly the other day. I guess they’re MPs. They’ll do whatever they want…

Stronzetto has yet to be invited to join the new party - As I look out, he is sat on the lawn with his bags packed ready to be whisked to Westminster. The fact he is in the back garden and no one has heard of him appears to be of little deterrent.

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It’s called the Independent Group. Good heavens, if Stronzetto doesn’t have dependency issues then I don’t know who does.


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That’ll be him fucked. They don’t like foreigners down there.


Did anyone watch Newsnight? Anna Soubry’s insights into TM were very interesting.

She surely cannot be the first to say that Theresa “I’ll send a minvan around ethnic neighbourhoods imploring them to do one” May has a problem with immigration

People have been suggesting for quite a while that TM has been motivated by an intense fear/dislike of immigration. But it’s interesting that Soubry was the first to say as much in public.

I haven’t seen anyone make that point in a televised interview before now. It’s an extremely serious allegation to make. Had it come from a Labour/SNP/LibDem politician it would’ve been met with outrage.

It certainly carries more weight, coming from a former insider. It will be interesting to see what the reaction is.

The Glue is the clue.

From the twitter thread:

I’m surrounded by “my father, and his father before him voted Labour” dickheads. They’d vote for a decomposing badger if someone stuck a red rosette on it and called it the Labour candidate for Cleckhuddersfax.


PS: while googling the above, I came across this article that hasn’t aged terribly well


That FT piece is actually quite full of insight.

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I think that there is a big difference between running an institutionally racist department, and having a personal problem with immigration. The former is unfortunate, it takes a while to make fundamental change etc etc etc, the latter is that you’re xenophobic to the point of racism.

And racism wouldn’t explain why she’s against freedom of movement between the UK and the EU. The racial breakdown of the European population isn’t radically different from the racial breakdown of the UK, is it ? Nationalism, on the other hand …