(Posting bad memes is not) Armchair politics

I thought Andrea Loathsome’s response to a request for a debate about Islamophobia today was worse. Saying that the question should be put to the foreign office. That’ll make British Muslims feel welcome. That the government regards all Muslims as foreign and it’s an issue for foreigners.

What with Karen Brady’s antics yesterday & today & Jeremy Hunt insulting Slovenians last week, they aren’t having a great time really.

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Not sure anyone knows what to call ‘Johnny Foreigner’ these days.

Political correctness gone mad!

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Her response is that she thought they were talking about Islamophobia abroad.

Of course, that’s a great excuse :roll_eyes:

Because of course the issue of Islamophobia in the UK (and particularly within the Conservative party) hasn’t been a topic of discussion at all during the past few days. Of course it would be assumed to be Islamophobia overseas. That’s really a pressing issue for the UK Parliament right now.

2 days worth of competence.

“Rise in stabbings not to do with police cuts"
“coloured women”
“Soldiers in NI couldn’t have committed crimes"
“Speak to Foreign Office re Islamophobia”
“Send in army to deal with kids"
“Brexit may lead to deaths”


Has there in living memory been a worse Cabinet stuffed from top to bottom with incompetents whose main achievement has been to consign the principles of ministerial responsibility to history?




I bet if you go back to the 1770s, the shower that lost us America might have been a bit shit too.

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Or very, very clever.



I haz the Brain failz…:crazy_face:

I would be more worried about your finger fail tbh


Those fails are probably connected :pensive:

No coincidence

More likely the fault of the EU

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WTF has Lady Brady done now? I must have missed it in the midst of Karen Bradley making a late but effective entry for ‘Fucknugget of the Month’.


This Top Flumps thing is mildly amusing…


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So the Tiggers want to take us back to 2012 but with National Service thrown in for the yoot.

That’s the kind of progressive politics we’ve been waiting for :+1:

The easiest way to get on top of the knife crime epidemic is to legalise guns.:smiley:

Jess Philips poking a stick in the hornet’s nest.

Some of the reactions from her detractors on Twitter are pretty severe, to say the least.