Praise the Lord, all my problems are solved!

You lucky bastard :unamused:

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Congratulations :thumbsup:

Thanks guys, but please stop with the interruptions, I am trying to book a world cruise…

cruise? I never thought you were that old…i’d offer to lend you the Lear jet but the insurance doesn’t cover elderly folk.

Thanks buddy :angry:

Don’t book it just yet, it’ll take you 10 months of daily visits to WU to collect that lot.

Not sure if I could arsed with that much hassle.

Why not just go once and get a nice takeaway instead?

You can now get that second hand Porsche you have always promised your self (or something much better)


I was thinking more of a brand new Dacia Sandero, white with black alloys, lush!

No more asking “How much are the muffins” for you sir.


Come come Willie you can do better than that.

What, even if I had a Bose stereo fitted?

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Aren’t the owners of either the Spice Bazar or Parkside Stores in Worcester going to get a bit hacked off with you coming in every day for 30 weeks collecting your 7000 dollars each time?

I have a friend in Lagos that could help with that particularly if you are happy converting dollars into Naira and to GBP