Pre amp advice

Actual hifi thread. Bake off has clearly messed with me. Due to a complete absence of hifi talk I’ve had to bring it here…

Digital set up is streamer/cd to chord hugo tt dac, which is a pre amp, so straight into my power amps.

Added a record player and a decent second hand phono stage (Olan’s help acknowledged): Pro-ject phono RS.

So I need a pre amp/volume box for the phono line to the Amps. I won’t use it for the digital as chord recommend nothing between the Hugo and powers. Has to be decent but not excessive as it isnt being used across the whole system.

Two questions… I can borrow a Tisbury passive, but is there anything better? Budget under 500 used, unless it’s a belter…
Secondly, any loans of your horded goodies to help me decide?


The obvious thing to go for is the matching Pro-ject RS preamp when you can find one used. It has balanced and single ended connections and can be used with or without the tubes (very subtle diff ime).

A Pass B1 pre?


They may do but I’d listen for yourself if you haven’t already.

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I will, though it can only add colour, which some may find better!

I can Use either balanced or rca, as both sides of the set up can use one or the other and I can control the system by toggling the power amps rather then being forced to use the pre for digital as well and select.

Where are you based?

For that money and if you can stand the hair shirtness, a Croft Super Micro, great things. No remote of course. Have a very adiquate MM stage as well.

Personally, I find the Project stuff a bit meh.

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Isn’t that sherry?

Nottingham. Thanks.

How about this?

It’s what’s needed, but has anyone heard it to vouch for it? Possibly easier to go for items that people have experience of than just stuff in budget?
Looks ok… I don’t want something huuuuuge.

Ultimately, it is all down to the individual, and there are very few products, that are bad.
Just because two or three other people like, doesn’t mean you will.
You could digitize the output of the phono stage, and run it to your DAC, and you wouldn’t need a preamp.
A high quality ADC would not cost any more than your chosen budget.


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What about picking up an old pre-amp with a valve phono stage - they’re often really good if used just for phono - something like the Audio Research SP8/9 may be had for not too much money. I’d put them up against a lot of stages made today…

A great number of people on here, do exactly that. They RIP all their music, and play it off a computer/streamer.
The man who owns Discogs himself.

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I know that Gregg, I was teasing you…

Isn’t there a half decent Cyrus preamp in budget that would match your monoblocs.


I’ve got it all on streamer anyway! Tidal and my flac collection is almost exhaustive.

This is analogue only, for a change when I want something different. Not to use as my main rig. I’m ok with the Tisbury on loan for now but would like some options to look out for.

this rather nice ear/yoshino 834L has just popped up . looks rather good for 750 , slightly above budget but might be worth a punt

I’ve managed a pro-ject phono rs, pro-ject pre box rs and a power for it…

At under 700 quid. For all three.

So I’m happy! And sorted bar a cart. Thanks, though

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Have Dr Feickert, will travel :slightly_smiling_face:

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