Preamp and/or speaker repairer recommendations needed

Hello everyone!

A couple of issues have developed with my Audio Synthesis Passion 8M preamp/phono stage. I was able to contact David Heaton for a while after the company ceased trading, but he’s no longer answering any emails. Can anyone recommend somebody to take a look at it for me?

I also have a pair of Spendor SP7/1 speakers that have bass units producing no bass. There is evidence online to suggest that this is a fairly common issue with old Spendors and I wondered if new surrounds might rectify the issue. I’ve been trying to contact Wembley Loudspeakers to no avail. Anyone know of anybody else I could try?


Whereabouts are you?

N. London

I know a great guy but he’s in Tipton, W.mids.

Would that be for the preamp or bass drive units? Or both?

Is that Alan FB?

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If you can get round to Worcester Park, Unilet?


Thanks. I’ll try Alan maybe. Is there anyone else?

Henry (Toprepairman) based in Leatherhead.

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Yes was trying to think where he was. He did the transformers on those Marantz mono blocks

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They are still showing as being open

Also maybe Paul at Loudspeaker Services | Reference Fidelity Components for the speakers?

Yeah, but he isn’t responding to emails or phone calls. I spoke to him a few months back and he said he was in the process of moving premises and to call back in a month or two. I’ve tried countless times.

Thanks, I know others claim to have had really good experiences with him, but my one and only dealing with him left a lasting impression and it wasn’t a good one.

Might try him.

Maybe ring Lockwood audio about the speakers. I know they do tannoys,but might be able to advise where to go

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Ok, thanks.