Quadrasapire QKAV AV/Hifi cabinet

Selling a quadrasapire QKAV cabinet in oak finish.
Two internal glass shelves. Front glass doors open and slide parallel with the side panels.
Good condition. Cost close to £1k originally. Unfortunately I can’t find the key to the front lock, but then I never used it anyway.

Sell for £75. It’s large and heavy. Buyer must collect please.


Slight diversion but Quadraspire sent us replacement keys for our single width despite buying it second hand.

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That’s good to know. I can tell the prospective buyer.

Roughly how wide and high is it Phil?

Here’s some information off the net:

The QKAV cabinet is made of MDF with a thickness of 15 mm and 25 mm

QK cabinet doors of 6 mm tempered glass, transparent , have latches and can be retracted into the side walls

2 adjustable shelves of 10-mm tempered glass withstand a weight of 60 kg each.*The maximum load is 280 kg

The back of the cabinet is open, for ventilation and access to the connectors

Standard equipment includes strong rollers…

"The Quadraspire QKAV cabinet provides a neat, secure and stylish solution for the storage of your home theater system components.* This contemporary cabinet is not just beautiful, it is also solid enough to hold up to 615 pounds of audio-video gear!

All the wooden panels on the QKAV home theater cabinet are constructed from either 1” or 3/4” formaldehyde free MDF with FSC hardwood veneers and use high quality non-ferrous assembly hardware.* This beautiful AV cabinet has 2 adjustable glass shelves made from 10mm thick toughened safety glass with a weight capacity of 135 pounds each.* The 6mm thick lockable and retractable clear glass doors allow a center speaker to be used within the cabinet when your home theater system is being played, but keeps your gear out of “harms way” when your system is off and the doors are closed.* These doors also feature high quality hardware and an extremely clever door pull and lockset combination.

The QKAV comes compete with heavy duty, industrial quality casters so the cabinet can be easily moved to gain access to your components.* With its 43” wide, 24” deep and 1” thick top panel, the QKAV can easily accommodate up to a 46” diagonal measure HDTV. [Note this was when panel TVs were much heavier, I imagine it would take a considerably bigger one now]"

Thanks, will have a measure up at home.

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Mark - did you get chance to check the measurements at home please?
Someone else has messaged me with intent to purchase.
Please let me know.

Provisionally sold