Raspberry Pi 400


Does anyone have any experience of the Raspberry Pi 400?
Thinking of getting one for Sam/Amy and me to play with for Christmas.
Sam has an interest in coding etc. and I thought this may help?
The only other PC we have at present is an old lenovo laptop.

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Would you like a pc? Not the newest or quickest. But it runs on Win10. Was just clearing stuff off the disk before giving it away.


The 400 is a Pi4 in a nice keyboard box. I think it’s a great idea, although I am I bit of a pi fanboy.

With a pi you can choose the Linux operating system you fancy; the standard one is fine. You get Scratch, Python and more for programming, Office compatible stuff for work and a few games. There are repositories of software online where you can easily install loads of free stuff.

Frankly I think they’re great, and they will be a lot less annoying than an underpowered Windows 10 laptop.

There are also good books available to help you to learn Scratch coding, which is great for the kids.

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Yep love it, I run retropi on mine

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I wish something as powerful for such a small price had been around when I was in school. You should encourage both your kids to learn to be comfortable with a computer. Learning to program was the best thing I ever did. It has given me a comfortable life doing something I really enjoy.


i dont - litle machines with hardly any processing power, and micro 1K of memory taught certain programming tricks that helped me in over the years

i agree, i dont do that much now, i still get a thrill when i do a bit. It is so good to help develop a wider set of thinking and problem solving skills.

The Pi is a useful machine - we give them away to students on certain modules. We have worked with a few local schools to provide a structured learning programme to support kids learning to program on a Pi. We found that most kids, even if they wanted to learn to program, lacked the ability in independent learning to pick up a Pi and start to learn to program. Some can but most can’t.

It is a nice platform. Personally i think the 400 in the case etc, whilst a good choice for the desktop user, and perhaps to learn to program, i prefer the smaller non-keyboard versions as you can get to the board easier, strap it to the back of a robot, use it in so many more versatile ways. As a an xmas gift it’ll be nice, a gaming platform.

I am going to seminar given by Pete Lomas (one of the co-founders of the Pi) in late Jan

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Thanks for the feedback guys, I’m very tempted by it to be honest.

So it. Coding in Scratch is just charming, it’s so elegant

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I got the exact same kit, obviously didn’t read the book, but it’s got way more in it than I thought. Will keep them busy beyond xmas

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Has anyone tried the BBC micro:bit? I was thinking of getting that for my kids as it looks good, but I’ve not come across anyone who’s used it.

Not heard of that, I shall have a look.

They recommended it in The Week Junior on a section they had on coding for kids a few weeks ago. I’d not heard of it before.

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It’s not as neat a solution as the pi 400, but the built in sensors are nice

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