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I give yesterday’s hangover a 7/10.

Poker night with friends, I was just on Bombay Sapphire and Tonic all night. Unfortunately she has no measure, so it’s tip in the gin (ballon glass) until it seems about right. Always dangerous.

No chance of getting up to help with family breakfast. Was only able to eat a few Shreddies at 10am, couldn’t even manage coffee. Lay in bed watching TV with the sweats and then freezing, repeat ad nauseam. May have slept, but more like passed out. Ate shit food all day.

Gotta love booze!


mild headache this morning. Went to 'spoons before Turan. Only intended to have a couple, but my neighbours turned up, so became alot more. Then Turan and then back in my local


Slight queasiness, mild headache and general bleurgh feeling. Double fried egg sandwich and two cups of tea has helped bit.


Had a mild headache when I got up but now feel ready for a run on the bike after another cuppa :biking_man:


Absolutely chipper as only drank tea last night.

Tonight, however … :thinking:

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must confess the only hangover i have ever had , is when a very elderly afro carribean chap gave me too much of his rum soaked christmas cake …oh my gosh it was potent !!!


Haven’t had a hangover for 17 years :smiley:


I don’t suffer hangovers because I just stay drunk :+1:


:smile: You are a genius bruv…

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That is what I used to do before it stopped being an option :+1:

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ha …ha :smile:we had one of our sons friends here once who was stoned out of his mind . there was vomit going all over the carpets and toilet and we struggled to keep him safe in this state . goodness alone knows how much he had taken . ah the joys of youth eh !!