RCA loan

I have some splendid XLR cables between my Hugo TT and the Cyrus x300 sigs.

After a bit of a chat with the designer of the Hugo he suggested RCA may be better for my set up.

I’ve only got some cheapos and wanted to have a listen with a “decent” pair. Length only about 0.7m
Decent defined as well made and shielded. High end quality rather than high end foo.

If anyone could loan me some for a chance to compare I’d be grateful. I’m not tempted to buy, but may sell xlr to swap if I like the change.

Costs covered obviously. Or pop by if close to Nottingham

I’ve got a set of Linn Black interconnects you can try, that’s about as foo as I’ll go interconnect wise.

I did try some A23 interconnects but didn’t sound any different to Mogami.

And why would they?

popcorn time :grin:

Expectation bias.

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Good point

Cable thread. Mark this day in history, lads, for we have arrived.

(Until Jon accidentally blaps the forum again)


It is a very sad way to end an otherwise great abattoir day.

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I love the word ‘blaps’.:smile:

It’s a request to borrow a cable.
Not a bastard cable discussion thread.

Self combustion is not of my doing.

Or just use what you have…

A Cambridge hifi one with ends falling off!

Foo indeed!

That makes it lossy so you don’t get vibrations travelling up it. They do a one at the top of the range which is 1k more expensive. It is the same cable but there is a hand written instruction included in the box advising to put it in the freezer for 3 hours before every listening session. DIY Cryo! Gotta be the way forward.

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Fuck this for a game of soldiers.

I’m getting a demo one. It wasn’t a cable debate. Just wanted to see whether I prefer rca to xlr.



I rather think you got off lightly. Nobody got round to banging on about carpet grippers or parliament hinges so it doesn’t really count.


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I’m not in a mood. Just putting you cunts in your place!

Next time I will just ask for a cable. Leave it at that!


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Lightly indeed. I does go to show how friendly we are here though :smiling_imp:

Feck off Terry.