RCA loan

Would a more tightly stretched carpet have a different sonic absorption signature? Was a scientific test ever performed in that marvellous thread?

Stretching wouldn’t change the sound much.

However,what way the tufts face makes a large difference.Mine are facing the speakers which slows the sound right down.Infact i put on a Rick Wakeman cd on Friday,and it’s still only on track 4.


Cunt :angry:


Is it a four track single? If not, you had better take a hammer to the CD player. You have the welfare of your wife and kids to think about.

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Look forward to your listening impressions and conclusions (so we can take the piss out of those as well :joy::nerd_face:).

Totally wrong place to even mention cables outside of the context of merely connecting two items together I’m afraid.

Thanks for playing :grinning:

I hate you :unamused:


Musicality is my hero

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RIP :skull: