Realistic dream cars or who's the Alfa male?





It drives just how you expect a 20 year old Alfa to drive
Some electrical stuff works. Always a bonus. Nothing fell off or set on fire on the way home.


The Twinspark is a solid engine. I had a 164 TS for years and it never needed any mechanical repairs. (unlike all of the other Alphas i had back then :unamused:)


I always liked this model with the V6 Cloverleaf of course.


Prefer this.

Especially with the 1.75TBi engine.


I’d settle for either right now!


I had a 2.0 TS GTV of the same era, would have on again in a heartbeat. Great engine, and better steering/drive feel than the S2000 and Z4 that followed. Clever rear suspension stopped it feeling like a front wheeler.
Only big bills were the ‘special’ rear suspension arms and bushes.


you are clearly wrong and deluded the S2000 was way better.


Better in some ways, straight line speed yes, but my experience was the steering felt rigid and didn’t give feedback in the same way the Alfa did.




S2000 is so meh. Soulless pos.

Love the Alfa. Brilliant for the few pennies it cost us.


Total shite…S2000 brilliant and unique (and nice ones rising in value and I’ve owned two in the past)
Alfa of the era…seriously ??




Made it to Wales. All good so far.


Is the exhaust still attached?


Looking at that, I can’t help wondering if the design team made a start, got bored halfway and decided to just duplicate the half they’d already done before heading down the pub.


The design was influenced by the Chevrolet Corsair as was BMW, NSU and others.



Chevrolet Corsair


Has a new stainless one fitted.

Not today. Another day in the past.