Realistic dream cars or who's the Alfa male?


Mark, if you want some 16" teledial alloys, I have 5 of them going spare. They need a bit of a refresh, but they’re yours if you want. Like these:


Tyres have some life left in them iirc.


That would be really rather super. One of mine is a bit manky. Will be in touch on my return.


These are all a bit manky mate, and will need a bit of TLC, at around 50 quid a pop to make really nice, but, like I said, they’re yours if you can use them.



As heard pretty much all over Coventry from the test people ragging the engine outside the Whitley plant, apparently…


Best sounding engine EVER.


I managed to wangle a Brera 2.4 jtd as a company car, in 4 years all I had go wrong was a loose bolt on the metal sump protection plate.


Replaced with a 147 collezione which was shitly slow :slightly_frowning_face: in comparrison


Not a car I know but wanted one since I was 17ish and bloke I worked with had one.


I saw one of these on a dealers lot in1958 and fell in love. £35. Lancing Aprilia 1936 RHD.

All Lancia’s were RHD at that time I don’t know why.


From the rear. Had a V4 engine (the first to make V4 & V6) and De Dion rear suspension.
First car to be tested in a wind tunnel (0.46)


Landis Aprilia Viott - Spider.


Where’s Noddy?



Lancia Aprilia Convertable.


Alfa boat tail spyder, always wanted one.



Lea - Frances Lynx 1960 - 61
One off the ugliest car’s ever.


Lock the thread ! I’ve won.


Well, bust my buffers!


Someone will be chuffed to get that…


I need a new station car


Probably needs the points looking at