Really stupid SUT question (maybe)

My TT has a built in MM phonostage. Would fitting an SUT onto the phono output of the TT Into the line input of my amp enable me to use an MC cart ?

Fire away.

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I don’t think so. The normal practice is the MC cart is amplified first by the SUT then by the MM phono stage.


That’s what I thought, but I wondered if (need ) it to work the other way round.

Thanks and feck !

I imagine the MM stage would overload the SUT.

Thanks, I was just going to ask why, but that makes sense.

If you have an MC cart and you have an SUT and an MM phonostage why would you not connect them the normal way?

Because the MM phonostage is built in to the turntable.

Ah I see,
Just use a decnt MM cart, there are plenty about


Yeah he did say that in the very first line of the OP
But …

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That’s where I’m headed.

I am too polite.

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You could always use a HOMC

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Surprised you both didn’t tell me to Scroll Up :grinning:


:roll_eyes: see my previous post (scroll up)

Yeah, but, No.

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Actually, is the Hana EH any better / worse than a decent MM ?

Can’t you open the t/t and take the leads from the arm, put them through a SUT and connect the output from the SUT to the built in MM phono input?

Shouldn’t be too difficult.

Got Decca on the brain right now.