Reasons not to buy Sonos

Just the next in the line of products being crippled in this way to turn them into “services”. ( = make money for the manufacturers by collecting data from their customers).

I bought a GoPro a couple of weeks back and was delighted to discover that you have to sign in to the remote control app with an internet connection to use it. That fits in with my intended use case (filming my flights in gliders) so well… :anguished:

Fortunately I found an old version of the app that’s more sane, or the whole lot would have been returned for a refund.

I wouldn’t mind watching one of them.
(Flying porn always welcome).

There is a disturbing move towards companies asking for information just because they might be able to use it for something, rather than being explicit about what they need and why.

Big Brother is not only here but we are volunteering, not resisting.
Luddites of the world unite, you have nothing to lose but your smartphone, internet TV, etc.

I’ll see what I can do. My next challenge is video editing, which I’ve not done before. I have to edit 2 tedious hours of very little happening so that it’s just the exciting bits.:grinning:

I have a nice flight up to 20,000 feet and back down through what, by then, had become quite a small hole in the cloud on video.

Wow, that’s high.
whereabouts, was it wave lift?

Asks the question about how this stands with the new GDPR rules?
Maybe the fact that you have a contract with them and you have accepted T&Cs regarding data overrides this but I wouldn’t be too sure.

Yes, it was in wave at the Deeside gliding club at Aboyne. I have a pilgrimage there every year. I get bored with how flat it is in Hampshire otherwise.:smiley:

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Flying Porn thread duly created.

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I’d have thought even under existing law you’d need to opt in to have your data passed on.

To some extent internet sign up allows for efficient passing on of updates etc etc, so it’s not all bad.