Recommend Me A New TT Sub £150


Help !!! New TT Sub £150

Meat Men - a mate at work has just asked me to recommend a TT he can buy for his GF for Christmas. He’s only a lowly paid guy so money is tight.

The sub £150 field looks much of a muchness, but is there anything that stands out amongst the dross?

Cheers in advance.


Something direct drive. Belts at that price are ghastly.


Techie SL-7


Something like this (new), badge engineered, but should be ok.


Needs to be new


That looks like the type of thing - thanks


£149 on Amazon


Sub £150 it’ll all be dodgy Chinese things with built in USB, Bluetooth and iffy cartridges. The only one of these I’d consider would be the Audio Technica AT-LP3 and only then ‘cos it’s got a red headshell, which I like.

If your mate can’t stretch to a basic Rega or Pro-Ject and really doesn’t like the idea of a secondhand Pioneer PL-12D, then I wouldn’t bother.


I’ve tried to explain that to him, but money really is tight for the lad. It’s only to play some old records the GF has so I don’t think SQ will matter too much to them, just so long as the cart doesn’t manufacture new grooves for them.


Fairy nuff. In that case - AT-LP3 with the red headshell!


Pioneer PL-12D



Project Acryl - IT RPM carbon platter upgrade. £130 Amazon.


That looks fucking cool


Sub £150 and new, then this is it.


Hang on a minute, that is not fugly or ginormously spendy! Who the feck are you and what have you done with Dave?


Sorry wrong info. That is for the Carbon platter upgrade only.




Gents - thanks for the help. I’ll tell him the AT or Lenco.



Pro-ject Elemental £155


Pro-ject Primary E Turntable £134. Sevenoaks.