Recommend me a

Bourbon Whisky… don’t know much about it, have a bottle of Maker’s Mark, would like to try something else, nothing too sweet though…

Woodford Reserve, great in an Old Fashioned. :+1:


In the process of emptying a bottle of that right now :+1:

Feel like hitting it too. Work is really hard at pres but I wouldn’t be able to stop at one and that would be counter productive! :confounded:

I’m just developing a taste for it and came across this.

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Has to be Knob Creek :slightly_smiling_face:. Or have you forgotten having a touch of Greggs knob at Scalford last year?

Buffalo Trace is one of my faves too.

Although, I don’t know how much faith I’d put in their reviews as they say Knob Creek is a great reviver.

It certainly didn’t revive me in Wayne’s room last year. It removed my ability to walk in the direction I was facing, leaving me only able to nod in time (ish) to the pleasant sounds.


Wild Turkey 101.

Bookers for a (n expensive) treat.

Ah you’ve remembered. Every time I play James Brown ‘Payback’ I think of you :kissing_heart:

Indeed, it was a ‘perfect storm’ moment in your room that night. Everything just worked.


Or try rye whisky. Sazerac…Michters…High West. Been trying those recently and loving all of them.

It’s well rehearsed to look like improv. The perfect storm is a blend of bourbon, roofies, funk and Vaseline.

Bad boy

Posh git.

Most of us proles dream of vaseline. Swarfega or a dash of Castrol GTR is what really gets used after the bourbon and roofies kick in.

I presume you play the funk to drown out the screaming and/or persuade innocent bystanders to move away to reduce the chance of witnesses…

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So how does one get an invite to this party?

My friend is curious…


Well, you used to just turn up at Scalford on a Saturday night. But not any more.

Usually a hessian sack is substituted for a nice written invitation. A sweaty fat bloke roaring ‘Get that chubby bastard in the Van now!’ usually indicates that you are the guest of honour.

Meh, what have you done with the sack and the Van then?

It’s a fucker, that was a great session…:disappointed_relieved:

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I’ve seen the left overs and it scared me…

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