Record cleaning brush

What brush are people using with Okki Nokki type machines?



That looks perfect, do Amazon do them?

Forget Basil and just go Boom-Boom like you usually do. :grin:

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Try and find one of these vibrating wet brushes (See bristle count next to a VPI brush) They are battery powered and whilst I have no idea if the supposed ultrasonic element does much the density and fineness of the fibers mean you do get to the bottom of the groove. Used to be able to get then on eBay / Amazon - Probably still some about - They were £5 and clean better than any of the audiophile brushes I have here.

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Loricraft one.
You can buy from their website but spendy.

But of wood and nylon. Right size for an lp but nothing special. Came with the PRC4.

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Thanks for the recommendations, I shall delve further.