Record Dividers

I guess that shut down much discussion but happy you found what you like.

Elton John? Cilla? Who they? How do we file artists with honorific prefixes such as MC or DJ? Do we file under second part of the name like Count Basie or Duke Ellington?

I miss the records from the 60s that told you how to file them.


More pretentious tosh

In tiny print: file under Pretentious Tosh.

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There are dozens of ways / systems for filing. Many appear obsessive as fuck, dividers are a symptom & case in point. Loose genre grouping keeping same artists / bands together is basic and works fine if all the collection is in one room. Shit gets complicated when it’s spread between rooms / properties / storage etc.

I found that alphabetical is the way to go, with a genre split between Classical (whatever that is) and everything else. This does give rise to serendipity, and a particular record’s neighbours may also be pulled from the shelf. The only records that are grouped by genre are compilations. Discovered some early Professor Longhair there the other day.

Three categories: Classical, jazz, everything else.

All alphabetically stored. There is absolutely no need for dividers, and I definitely don’t have three sets of A-Z ones.

I had a friend who stored all of his LPs in random order. He would play the last LP in the rack, then put it at the front of the queue and play whatever came next. I found that deeply troubling, but his reasoning was interesting. He had spent years obsessively cataloguing and sorting his collection, but realised he was spending too much time deciding which album to play next. So he abandoned his obsessiveness and left his listening choices to fate. This is both logical and totally fucking wrong.

Naturally, I am no longer friends with that fucking freak.


Oh god, will I ever get a proper life?

I do get his point.
I keep all my records in alphabetical order (by genre as per previous post) and have them all catalogued on Discogs.
Sometimes it is fun just to click the random button on Discogs and I play the suggestion, and as the records are in order at least I can find it

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That makes complete sense.

And yet…

I have two separate vinyl collections, mine and the one that I was left by a great friend when he died ten years ago.

I can’t combine them, everything will always be mine or Phil’s.

Anyway, carry on. :slightly_smiling_face:


I understand that.

We humans really are fucking odd, aren’t we.

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If we were proper audiophiles we would have more boxes than records. What to put on the system? Brothers In Arms, of course.

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When a collection gets to a certain size you become a curator of sorts and that requires a system of filing it also means you become a custodian and librarian. Funny where things go, you start out loving music and end up a nerd justifying your OCD. Fun times!


Autobiographical order or go home.

Classical - box set operas in regional order (i.e. German/Austrian, Italian, French, English etc.)
Classical other box sets in regional order
Classical single records in regional order
Other stuff

Alphabetical would seem to make most sense, but I don’t have much of a memory, so often don’t remember the artist I am hoping to find and be able to listen to.

For this reason alone, loosely by genre is best for me.

Also alphabetical for me, although sometimes have to google the LP name or artist name to find stuff. Also spelling can catch me out, so for example took me ages to find Idris Muhammed the other day as I forgot it was Mu not Mo.

Stuff I discovered myself is in alphabetical order. Stuff I’ve been given as a collection is kept separate and as found. Everything else is put in order of how often I listen to it.

Plus which, Music Evenings held with neighbours and friends often result in records being placed back in some random order…

Too busy enjoying the music to be overly concerned about order and stuff! :grin: