Record Store Day 2018

Couple of decent albums this year but I will NOT be queuing :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Groundhog day…:smirk:

I’ve never queued, just turned up later in the day and have usually found the one or two things that grabbed me. Might be different this year though as Rise Records has gone, and we now have a Rough Trade.

Needed a proper thread to ignore :unamused:

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Couple of bits I’d like but I can’t be arsed to queue either.

My life is too valuable to queue and fight for stuff I didn’t need last week and don’t need next week.

There’s stuff I would buy but I don’t want it enough to join the hoardes.


I want the Jeff Buckley but won’t be queuing.

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The Erased Tapes one might be good

Probs a silly question but the link in the second post doesn’t have much in, and yet the website has 17 pAges at least of releases.
And I can’t see a simple pdf list?

Go my original post in the new LPs thread…

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