Record Store Day 2019 for those who can be bothered


For the first time, the albums I fancy number in double figures.
However, there are NONE worth standing for hours with a bunch of bald, poorly dressed, middle aged men with poor personal hygiene in the pouring rain, for the pleasure of spending my hard-earned money to stores that are (mostly) just cashing in.


Thankfully nothing on the list tickles my fancy this year.


Forum tagline right there.:+1:


Chase & Status and nothing much else that I don’t already have.


The gimmick laden depression sets further in with “Official Cider Partner” (See sponsors at bottom of page)
It is a sad day for capitalism and record collecting to have missed out on ‘Official thrush cream’ ‘Official serotonin reuptake inhibitor’ ‘Official heart stent’ Official deodorant’ & ‘Official blow up doll’


Couldn’t even be arsed to look at the list this year.