Records sale advice

Have about twelve hundred records for sale and have been cogitating the nest way to sell them. Could go via a dealer and get about a third the price a dealer would subsequently sell them on for. At the other end of the scale I could e bay them and maximise the price at the expense of my sanity.

The middle ground probably sits in selling them on here and splitting it into reasonable categories, mostly by artist and then setting the price at say half on the basis that whole group is sold, ie all the Bowie, all the PIL etc, that should give headroom to sell all the records on that you maybe don’t want and still get the ones you want to keep at a good price. Filler I’ll use for target practice

Does that seem sensible or do I just list then all individually on here over the next few weeks. Advice welcome from others who have done similar.

Could use Discogs.
But individual mailing faff. It’s easy though as you don’t really have to do more than scan barcodes and decide a price?
Unlike eBay you won’t Need to do photos or much formatting.



Lol, make it a tenner

Whatever way, it is a total faff.

List them as one liners on here is probably the easier option, though posting is still a thing.

I doubt any one on here will buy all of a group, if people are interested in an artist or genre they will be looking to fill holes in their collection, not buy duplicates

I suspect you’re correct. I’ll group by artist, list individually. Ie, a post for Bowie, then list individually.

The ultimate faff and hassle mimimisation would be to hand them all over to the likes of Omega Auctions and see what they get for you. They usually get a fair bit more than I am willing to pay for any bundle, and I am not particularly tight when it comes to buying records.

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Depending on what they are, I can imagine potentially buying duplicates that I already have for FoL who I would like to fill gaps in her Bowie stuff etc.

If they are not for your collection that are not duplicates.

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I agree with Wayne, to a point. Buying duplicates isn’t necessarily a deal breaker, if you are happy to take what you want then sell on the rest (either excess or an older less pristine copy).


I’d likely take some Bob, will PM

So turntable, speakers and records all up for sale Bob.
Had enough?

Think more down sizing, retirement and smaller house :ok_hand:


If you can store them in a safe and dry place perhaps a retirement task to sell them through the various usual channels. 1200 records will provide beer money for a long time.

Be very sure before selling your collection in it’s entirety.
A 1200 record collection probably hosts 250ish records that form the soundtrack to your life.
I’d spend a little time making three piles - The Right now pile - The maybe pile and the ‘ouch, i’m going to be gutted pile’. If you haven’t listened to a record for over 3-4 years the chances are you won’t miss it - Yes, I’m aware there is always digital but where is the passion, reverence, history, sound or art in those 0’s and 1’s?


I’ve got at set I will never part with. But loads of crap I cannot be arsed to sell.

And I only have a merge 400!

Edit, if anyone wants any Sky you will need to fight the misses. She never listens to it “but we’ve had them for ever”.

I think this is good advice. It all depends on the value of the collection, if on average they are worth a tenner or more and you aren’t in a rush, you could start selling on Discogs starting with the most expensive and working down until you cant be arsed with it anymore at which point you sell as a job lot. Record prices seem to be constantly on the up and at some point there has to be a correction, like everything collectible (perhaps post Covid that may happen).

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The joy of shifting £10 records online:

Original cost…(even at £1)
10 mins to list (once you have listed a good number this may get faster)
PayPal / eBay or Discogs fees (Think £1 minimum)
Outer sleeve 25p is posh.
£1ish for mailer & stiffeners (x2), Don’t go too cheap, you will get complaints.
5 mins finding the record (Out of 1200)
2 mins printing labels and shouting at printer (Ink costs?)
3 mins cleaning, not including mixing liquids.
Packing the record 2 mins taping address etc.
Ten mins getting to the post office & parking £1?
25 mins queuing at the post office (Thank you Covid)
2 mins emailing the buyer with tracking info or just saying hope you like it
1 in 10 will either be magically lost / returned or eat time with problem buyers (Gruelers are highest on the budget end).

Costs: £4.25 (Not including: fuel / tape / glue / losses / returns / tax / counseling / postage over-payments.)

Time: 59 mins (Not including visual and play grading / valuation research / pressing identification / porn hub breaks / photography)

The easy life !