Redundancy help

Ps presume you have a non compete clause, if so they scare some people re taking clients with you

Get legal rep and force a compromise agreement.

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If they are making him redundant they cannot stop him earning a living, he can’t be in competition as his job doesn’t exist anymore.
Non compete clauses are normally when you leave of your own accord and go to a competitor.
they normally cover this off with ‘gardening leave’


This is sensible and accurate.

With no disrespect to the several smart and experienced people contributing, but threads like this are useful for marshalling your emotions, but potentially lethal to your obtaining the settlement you want.

To repeat the good advice offered so far - speak to a well-rated employment specialist. It’s not just your wealth and time at stake, it’s also your mental and physical health, and those of your family.

Also: HR are cunts. Always.
Lying, incompetent, feral, cunning, spiteful, bitter, lazy, cunts. Always.
If you work in HR and are offended by this: fuck you.


Make me a chalk stripe.

I’ll sit next to you and keep shouting “objection”!

I’ll have a yellow notepad and every now and ti then I’ll look at you and shake my head.

They will fall for it.

Just the price of the suit, thanks.



Won’t be doing anything daft don’t worry, just need to chew it over.


You mean, take a piece of chalk and draw a line for you? You can do that for yourself. :grin:


I now know what I want my next career to be. :+1:
Hope it works out well for you Richie.

Probably cheaper to hire a lawyer :grin:

The suit can be paid for by the lawyer its tailored for

They don’t have clipboards

They’re missing a trick.


The only vestige of “training” I ever received at the NHM involved what my boss called his “Work Avoidance Program” -

e.g. “The newspaper is the Swiss Army knife of bathroom visits: never be without one.”

And the classic: “Never leave your study without a clipboard.”

If that fails to strike fear into the hearts of the unwary, greet them with: “Ah [surname], THERE you are!”…

Worked a treat :ok_hand:


So, have failed to speak to a lawyer yet. The guy I was recommended isn’t taking any new clients on "for the next few months at least.“ I have another couple of possibilities and I’m waiting to hear back. I’ve postponed today’s meeting with HR until next week. Not comfortable with continuing until I’ve got some advice. My home insurance doesn’t cover employment disputes.

It is good to at least chew this over here. Dead parents, no local mates and such, means that you lot are next in line. :grin:

I could go and punch cock I suppose but that always seems a little too passive - aggressive for my post - therapy mindset. I have however, just been out to the yard and screamed CUUUUUUUUUNNNTS!!! Into the dustbin and replaced the lid in full on Hanna Barbera stylee. :grin:



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Being professionally informed and cautious is the way.

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I knew someone like that,
He told me that I as worked in the office rather than on site my options were a bit limited, but he said

“Never pay for any pens or stationary”
“Never have a shit on your own time”

It does seem that they aren’t following the right procedure, but there are some getouts for that in the unlikely chance it would go to a tribunal.

Get legal advice.

I have been made redundant a few times. Well one was pretty much a sacking for being a cunt. Have been paid quite a bit of money as the companies bollocksed the procedure, but having a regular income would have been better.
Bottom line is that you are getting paid til the end of the notice period. Don’t burn bridges, unless you are absolutely certain you will never need a recommendation or anything from them ever again.
And good luck with the big adventure that is coming up.

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But rock out with your cock out is the AA way.