Reel 2 Reel - bottomless pit of faff, expense and hisssssssss



Abattoir Tape Procurement Committee meeting at Lopwell :+1:


Yes, the next lot finish on Sunday pm.



I would love to hear that. I’ll happily participate in a group purchase in return for a FLAC transfer if we can get enough of us on here interested.


Tis not cheap :slightly_frowning_face:


You only live once!


What does baked through process mean?


What is sounds like. Tape is heated to drive out moisture that makes tape stick together.

Usually you would only do it to repair an issue with stickiness that has already occurred.

I’d really want to load and play that tape in person before even thinking about an offer.



It’s not a permanent fix either. The binding layer becomes hyrdoscopic, and therefore sticky, again. There’s someone on Tapeheads who has had some success treating SSS tapes with a certain car polish (Nu-Finish) or an extract of it.

But if you buy this tape you’re pretty much just buying an artefact unless you’re prepared to risk pissing about with Nu Finish.


Nice cheap deck potentially to get you playing tapes.


Shame this is 15ips as I’d have taken a punt on this, and immediately dubbed it onto fresh tape.


A few acquired since the weekend.


this one will be good too



Atlantic records :+1:


Wilson Pickett :sunglasses:



Just having a listen to this for the first time at 7.5ips and wondering why on earth we didn’t put it on at Lopwell- it sounds spectacular


I was wondering that myself when I saw it


I liked the film but it’s decades since I watched it & can only recall God bless you please Mrs Robinson. What other songs are on it?