Refurb / extension progress

The builders have been working for 5 weeks now. There are 3 of them - father and son and a friend of theirs. They were recommended to me and so far we’re really pleased with their work. We’re paying them a day rate and they seem very productive.

Although their day rate is very reasonable the costs are continuous. Skips, £280 a throw (we’re on no 4) and I’ve been to the tip with a car full twice! Weekly deliveries from the builders merchants are usually £900 or suchlike. Hiring scaffolding and other equipmemt, asbestos removal (cement board under the roof tiles), structural engineer, building control fees. Abby’s now got a Travis Perkins account and is in first name terms with Les at the local TP. She’s been to HSS and Brandon tool hire a few fimes to hire equipment / pick up disc cutters etc etc.

So far the builders have removed the kitchen, removed a bathroom, removed all the flooring, taken down some partitions, made a window opening into a door, taken down two walls and put in two steels, prepped the walls for plastering, repaired some ceilings and probably quite a few other things I’ve missed.

The pre-planning app went in and the 25 year old planning officer who is straight from Uni and who has been with the Council for less than a year has some issues with it. She seems to gave gotten her calculations wrong, which the architect has politrlybpointed out to her. Apart from that her issurs seem to be the new proposed porch (too modern for the country) and that the extension perhaps needs to be finished in a different way to the existing house, which is rendered. Planning majes me nervous as at the moment we have converted a 4 bed house into 2 beds with the extension providing a further 2/3 bedrooms.

We’re hoping to order the new kitchen within the next fortnight. It looks like we will fit Wundatherm retrofit underfloor heating downstairs and also in the upstairs living room. I hope to order some new windows / doors in the next fortnight too. A carpenter is coming on Weds to discuss moving / adapting / refurbing the staircase.

Here’s a few pics -

If the location of the house hadn’t been so perfect for us, it would just have been a lot easier to buy a house that was already done. Hopefully, it will all be worth it.


Consensus is still move house.

We built our house in the 80’s , best thing we ever did.


I agree!

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It appears that Paul Grey bassist for the Damned is a neighbour in the village. I hope to make his aquaintance.