Replacing valve in Allnic 1201 phonostage

I have a dead valve by the looks of it. I have only have the LH channel in stereo but both in mono. One of the valves on the RH channel is cold after an hour of operation. The valve case is easy to remove, but the valve is seated in a very wobbly fitting. Has anybody here changed a valve over in an Allnic phono stage, or is it a return to base job? FYI, the phonostage is 7 months old. The valve is a NOS Mullard E180CC which looks to be about £12 to purchase so I will do the four at once.

Ignore this. Dealer is sending new valves and some very detailed and completely idiot proof instructions, all free of charge. What a nice chap! He is also sending a new foo SUT for me to play with which is naughty as I will probably buy it because reasons.


Just lovely that is. Makes me happy.

Dealer needs to be named and shamed. Credit where credit is due.

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Let’s see just how idiot proof these feckin’ instructions are first. I’m equipped with two left hands, four thumbs and am less use than a drunken Kerry man in an elocution contest when it comes to DIY. I expect to be electrocuted and drowned while unplugging the fecking phono stage. Feck alone knows what will happen when I go to remove the valve cover, but expect our Tangerine Overlord to declare Defcon 3 on Saturday afternoon if the postie is on his game and delivers the spare on Saturday morning.

Now that made spit out my tea :grinning: :clap:

Really? Valve bases should be solid. The valve might be able to move slightly, in a wobbly kind of way, but the base should not.

Unless it’s one of those vibrationally decoupled ones (you don’t seem to see them much now whereas they were quite common for small-signal valves back in the day).



Oh that’s true, all my tubes have been non phono stages, so such things aren’t bothered with!