River Cruise

Anyone been on one of these ?

Is it full of these types ?


Mrs C not keen on flying, trains or coaches but shown an interest in going on a River Cruise. Might be my chance to make it further than Devon this year. Just worried it might be like being trapped in a club house for a week

Yes, I had a good friend who owned a narrowboat. We had several holidays on it, both with him and his family and he also let us borrow it a couple of times.

It was moored near Coventry. There’s loads of canals in the midlands, so you can choose circular routes, rather than a there-and-back trip.

The thing with canals is that although they go through plenty of nice countryside, they also pass through industrialised areas, which are far from scenic. There’s loads of pubs and eateries near waterways, so plenty of scope for food & drink. On the downside, narrowboats can be quite cramped for a family.

We’ve also done holidays on the Norfolk Broads which are set in lovely countryside. A combination of navigable rivers and lakes which are not narrow so you can have a much more spacious cruiser. The nicest boating holiday I ever had though was in Ireland on the Erne/Shannon - that was great; big boats, lovely pubs, fantastic scenery and superb fishing. :heart_eyes:

I was quite taken with the adverts, “ITV drama, sponsored by Viking River Cruises”.

Saw the reality of both vessels and passengers in Cologne (I think).

I’d sooner stab myself in the leg with an x-acto knife.

Personally I can think of no finer way to travel than the big express trains in Europe. Thalys, ICE, Frecciarossa etc.

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Ahh…you meant going on a cruise rather than boating holidays didn’t you Pete…doh :grin:

Aye, narrow boat cruising looks nice.

Trooping around Europe with a gaggle of bad-tempered pensioners, no thanks.


It’s hard to imagine anything more Brexit.


whereabouts? the one we did up the Mekong (from Saigon to Phnom Penh) had about 8 other couples, all of whom were very nice including the two from Oz

Ah just re-read the email - no flying,


I would have thought that one of the only things that might make a sea cruise acceptable is that the ship is big enough that you can avoid the awful people who latch onto you. A river cruise removes this possibility, so your enjoyment is entirely conditional on who else goes. For me that would be a showstopper.

was how I read that at first, was sort of expecting some disturbing Dan Dare fanfic.


Have you tried Seabourne?


If that’s the level being looked at I can arrange a pedalo round Goole docks…


That is my worry, I was looking at Danube or Rhine.

We have been on two short cruises before and they were fine but the ships were so large you could disappear.

The worry is probably as much about my lack of social skills.

Devon sounds the best option :grinning:

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Short flight ok, two hours is probably the limit

+1 for the Norfolk Broads. As @Jim says, get a larger cruiser and go exploring. You can also hire/tow a sailing dinghy if that’s your thing. Messing about on the broads is good fun.

There are cruises that take in the rivers of Devon & Cornwall & that visit places like Dartmouth, Fowey & Falmouth.

Cruise ship at Fowey

Personally having watched some of those Timothy West canal programmes, rivers like the Douro in Portugal & the Canal du Midi in Southern France would appeal to me.

The Danube would be interesting but can also be midge hell at the wrong time of year.

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Friends of my Sis’ have aimed for the top of the market in all-inclusive luxury with these outings. Pricey but top notch, she says.
Not sure about this boat, probably not, but canal paths must offer a dream holiday for family dogs.

that looks interesting, expensive not mad money either for the sevice you appear to get.

My Dad did the canal de midi bottom stretch and really enjoyed it.

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