Anyone going to the RMAF this year?


No, but I will be going to Munich again.


hope you have a good time if you go , verity will have their lohengrin there . this is their speel

Ready for the #RMAF2017 (Rocky Mountain Audio Fest) with the magnificent Lohengrin IIS in Quilted Big Leaf Maple plus the new Verity Pre-2 DAC/Preamplifier and the Verity Amp-60 power amplifier. We are playing high resolution material and vinyls through the Verity DAC. Amazing sound performance. You are invited to come and visit us at the Primerose suite #E1701.


They can have a slap.


Didn’t go in the end because I had a couple of Auditions to go to. Shame, it is the best Hi Fi show I have been to and it was £643 all in from Heathrow and a Hotel in the Tech Center. Bargain.


Me too Kev - flight is already booked :+1:




What are the dates for next year?


It’s ok, I found them

The next HIGH END will take place from May 10 to 13, 2018 in the exhibition area of the MOC


Who is going to be ‘Mrs Smith’ next year? :grinning:


That’s far enough away from an important birthday later in May which means i could go again next year.


You should come Graham.
an EasyJet flight and a budget hotel will be quite an adventure for you :rofl:


a busman’s holiday - visiting an exhibition hall in Germany.


I’m open to a proposal Kev :wink:


ah maybe next year ??