Roaring twenties

Seems to me that tomorrow night’s festivities are ripe for a (previous) twenties themed playlist. Ellington, Armstrong, Beiderbecke, what else?

i really got into Ian Dury in my 20’s

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Tomorrow’s playlist will be reggae, ska and funk.

So nothing “20s” at all.

We have friends over so am curating accordingly.

Tomorrow’s playlist will consist of drunken shouting, people falling down stairs and/or escalators, “No mate, we don’t have a toilet…Urine clean up on Platform 2”, “Vomit clean up on Platform 3”, and “British Transport Police to the main ticket hall” !!


good luck. Last time I was in London on NYD I was so impressed as to how clean the platforms and public areas were at Oxford Circus

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The cleaning teams do an amazing job given the workload.

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