Roast Potato Faff

Today’s were a real high point. Year’s of work and I finally feel as if they’re reaching their full potential…


Last week’s were nearly there. But just lacked a bit of flavour.


These from a few weeks ago were v close.


What’s your technique?

They all look immense :drooling_face:

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I has the want.

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Fine work… :heart_eyes:

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Pretty much fully cook the potatoes through in water, then fluff them up a bit and air dry on a rack. This gives it a nice crust. Then after they have stopped steaming and are dry, in to stupidly hot goose fat for crisping in the oven. Then when out, salt.

Yours look bloody top draw


Very similar technique to me.

Boil the fuck out of them, drain, rattle them to fluff them and let them dry a bit. Toss into hot oil along with lots of salt, rosemary and some garlic cloves and stick in oven at high temp. Give them a turn and rattle half way through and throw more salt on.

These look the best

P.S. Spud variety is important. King Edwards are great and I also like the Anya with skins on.

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Goose or duck fat only.


Sure, if you like. I was using the term generically. It won’t make or break them, though and I usually can’t be arsed to find it.

Jan’s read this. Her roast spuds are perfect. Par boiled and then cooked on high with goose or beef fat. “They’re just roast spuds ffs”

Geordies :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:


This is a good roast potato recipe, I’ve been using for a while.

You only parboil the spuds for two mins, one of the keys for this method is you shake em around after parboiling in a steel colander to roughen up the outside a bit & sieve/shake around two tablespoons of plain flour over the spuds & shake again in the colander to coat evenly, prior to placing them in your roasting tin with smoking hot oil.

I use around 75ml of duck fat with 25ml of Philippo Berio Classico refined rustic olive oil, which has a high smoke point. This is for approx 1kg of peeled spuds.

I find they need approx gas mark 7/8 or equivalent depending on your cooker & take around an hour & fifteen minutes turning & evenly coating approx every 20mins.

Works for me & produces consistently good crunchy/fluffy delicious roasties.

Certainly flies in the wisdom of boiling the fuck out of them first. Which is what I used to do.

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Suspect it depends on the variety.

Yeah I’m mostly using Maria Piper, but had my first go with British red potatoes, which worked well too.

Will give it a whirl.

Maris Pipers.
Boiled till almost cooked.
Roughed up.
Salt and Leave in colander to steam off for 3 to 4 hrs.
Add rosemary.
Sunflower oil, with a tablespoon of goose fat.

Get the oil v hot and add the dry spuds.


Serve when perfect.