Roksan Tabriz ZI fair price?

Not a fishing expedition, but I might be moving mine on.

A couple of times lately either me or one of the girls has possibly bumped the arm when turning a record over and dislodged the swinging counterweight, and not noticed. As a result all three of us have got records that have a few seconds of the first track on a side ruined, and god knows how many hours wiped off the life of my cartridge.

So I would like to remove that particular possibility of damaging our records. Always fancied trying an audiomods and I know where there’s one going for a reasonable price, or maybe something else that would go nicely with the 401 for around the same money I could realise from the Roksan.

I’m not sure if mine is a factory ZI or one that someone has upgraded, or even if that makes a difference. It’s in decent nick, just the usual marks where it goes into the retaining clip.