Roll-Up: A Search For The Finest Sausage Roll

What about the sausage roll? :thinking:


Imagine depleted uranium adorned with chilli flakes.

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So that’s what brought you back from the underworld

Make no mistake she is substantial, possibly even erring on the hefty, but the keen eyed meatman will observe this is offset by the air pocket.

I’ve taken this cold, straight from the fridge, but I’m excited to what the addition of heat and a smidge of a good high quality chilli sauce could provide in future.

To think this fucker has been on sale so close but unbeknownst until now is a revelation.


Smearing of the lens due to clearing the lens after eating the first half and using my finger.


Most welcome is the smear

What tool did you use to get that clean a cut in the pastry without it exploding everywhere?