Room Sizes

Just curious to know roughly how big people’s listening rooms are. We’ve recently moved and my current setup really doesn’t cope not that it’s in a 30sqm room (roughly 5.5m squar)

16ft x 12ft

12ft x 25ft. Previous was 15ft x 30ft. Horns, you need horns.

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Mine will be 42 square metres (6m x 7m)

When it’s finished!


25ft x 12ft attic (roof apex about 7ft 6in, side walls about 4ft)

About 5m x 5m

3.5 x 4.25m

Our living room is L shaped. I think from memory, it is 35’ x 30’ , 18-19’ wide where the speakers are and about 21’ across the other ‘limb’. The ceiling is almost exactly 8’.

It wasnt always this size. When we moved in there were 4 rooms, with a downstairs bathroom and kitchen area and non load bearing stud walls. I had them removed to accommodate my HiFi ambitions. Originally our house was the village store/post office so downstairs was roughly as it is now. Out of about 60 houses we looked at over a six month period, it was the only one with this potential.


Top work!

It was messy, expensive and involved huge negotiation but has been worth it. :+1: I’m so glad that I have found some other nutters to qualify my behaviour. :grinning:


16ft x 25ft x 9ft

Well it’s certainly nothing crazily large compared to that array (or maybe the people with smaller rooms are being all shy about it).

I do wonder if the issue is that the Maia simply doesn’t have the grunt to drive the AE103s sufficiently in that size of room and that even a basic but meaty power amp would be beneficial.

How far away do you sit from the speakers?

Great effort, I was about to give you the award then @catcando logged in :smiley:

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About 4-4.5m. There’s about a metre of space behind my head before you get to the back wall.

My room is about 16ft by 12ft. Would like more space but I’m chuffed to have a separate room.

85w is enough for 100db peak, so really you should be fine, Rega amps in general don’t have a lot of current, so don’t like dips under 4 ohms much but I cant find an impedance curve for the speakers.

Horns, you need horns.

Jesus man you run a hi-fi forum, do you not know anything? There is only ever one rule.




The Maia only does 25w per side…

Ah, new amp time, 100w ish.

Not a Rega Maia then?