RSD 2022 List

The only thing I’m remotely interested in so far is the Carlton Melton LP, but I’ll need to know what it is before I buy it as I have Out to Sea already. Coloured vinyl won’t cut it…

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Nothing there for me either.

Maybe the Karen Dalton, but most of the stuff on there I am interested in, I have already got.
Not queing up for it either, if it is not availible when the remaining stock goes on line then I won’t be getting it!

Stiff little fingers, want that, might even be arsed to queue.

That was the one I uhm’d and ahh’d on.

Nobody interested in Hillbillies in Hell 13?

There’s some Rick Ghastly in there…

411 ways to flip in the middle of an artificial feeding frenzy.

Got as far as Ace of Base and noped.

It appears that Liz Fraser is quietly releasing new material on RSD. I shall have to get this.

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What an incredibly dull list, the cupboard must be getting empty. This is all that caught my eye, and I already own it. A superb album with some of the best SQ I have heard.

Skunk Anansie - An Acoustic Skunk Anansie – Live in London

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Bugger I’d quite like a vinyl copy of that.