Rub a dub dub need some bass in the tub

Can anyone recommend a good sub to reinforce the bass from the OTO. Speakers are Devore Gibbon 88’s and room is about 16 x 12 feet.

Have a budget of up to £1000 but obviously cheaper is better :slight_smile:

BK xls400 forward firing are the bang for buck choice.

The BK Electronics subs are very good, and excellent value. You can get two for that amount.
This is what I have. BK XLS400FF
They normally have them on ebay, for a fair bit less, but none at the moment. I bet if you contact them direct by phone, you can still get a deal.
Or, you can go for any of the other sizes.
This is the next step down.

BK XXLS400 down firing (for cat reasons) here…

For music, Miller & Kreisel MK350, if you have the room. I use one in my bedroom system. BK also a good shout, but the M&K is just better. Velodyne are also great, I use a DD15 in my main system, but that will be over budget, maybe a DD10 would be good, as they have the room adjustment softare in them.

I would be careful with a sub with the OTO as it’s not expecting to do 20Hz and may be a little soft.

Cheers all have just ordered the BK XXLS400FF.


Bk make good subs, I have 2 of them in my hifi.

Consider DSPing it into your system along with your main speakers. The whole thing clicked into place when I rolled off the low base from my main speakers to integrate them with the subs. The sub’s controls alone weren’t enough.