Rugby A Game For Gentlemen

That French try might wake the 2nd half up.
Was falling asleep watching it.
Wasn’t expecting to fall asleep until England were on the pitch.

Shite refereeing.

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Not a great way to end a game.
Unlucky Scotland


Standing around waiting for the TMO takes far too long.

Winger in the scrum!

Close game between two average teams.

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A game driven by mistakes rather than brilliance

and terrible refereeing…

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Wins a win.

Still can’t do the basics well or consistently.

Better running second half with some faster ball to the centres.

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I like the principle of the TMO, but some implementations today have been poor. The scrum refereeing in the England match was almost comical, and wasted so much time - maybe there should be some kind of rule to stop the clock after 30-60s of scrum wankery, and restarts once the ball is out?

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But we need to have centres who know what to do with it.
Still kicking good possession away.

Ireland are just great to watch

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Yes it was great training session

Well England didn’t make it a training session against Italy!

Of course they didn’t.
England will just be a slightly tougher training session for Ireland

England are far closer to Italy than they are to Ireland (In reality, if not in the table)

Final 6N order will be


Although if Italy were at home to Wales this year the bottom two positions could have been reversed