Rugby A Game For Gentlemen


Was a wonderful finish eh?





Jesus what an ending to the Ireland France match


Shame about the first 70 minutes!


The conditions will have made things difficult…


Piss poor game, Ireland should have taken them apart, the most inexperienced team France have fielded ever


England have a odd side out, don’t agree with the choices at 6, 10, 12 and 13. A propper back row player should have been selected not a gangly second row. He is fast for a second row but slow for a 6. Having a slow 6/7 is not great, they will probably get away with it against Italy, but not Ireland or Wales.

Ford needs to be dropped, he’s been pants lately. Farrell as a poor 12 needs to play 10 and then a propper 12 at 12 and JJ at 13, maybe T’eo at 12. How Hartley is not on the bench god only knows. He’s second best at Saints let alone England.


Wait and see.
Eddie gets to watch a lot more than we do and he’s no fool.

I’m still not convinced by Ford either.



Wonderful hands


Simple as you like.

Lovely start


I think that knee looks done for. Hope it’s not a year out…


Another good try. Such pace from May and Watson


Quote about my son’s current team, made me laugh.

“Loughborough Students looked like a series of front covers of Mens Health magazine in rugby kit”


Pretty much any half decent team these days since it all went professional.
The time of beer bellies and fags has long since gone.


Why are England kicking it away again.


Enjoying watching the Wales side put the sweatties to the sword. The Scotch have a simply awful back row set of forwards.


Nat 1 standard of tries, my son scores the second one (he plays at 12), he has scored exactly that try three times this season.


I take it he gets his athleticism from his mothers side.:wink:




Well, that was awful to watch. Hoping the England game will be better.

Halfpenny out for Wales