Rugby A Game For Gentlemen


What a kick


What a grubber!

Farrell is outstanding at present.


Immense pressure from England, very patient, great try.


Great offload, lovely try


I thought that was a try. Never mind, not to worry :smiley:


Yes, bit of a let off there.


This is hard yards rugby.





That was bloody hard work.


Enthralling stuff. Well played England. Great first 20.

Time for a beer.


Could be an entertaining game this - as long as you are not French or Scotch.

Mistakes everywhere, but two good tries


Yes, very entertaining. Two average sides, but end to end stuff.


Yes, completely different from England /Wales yesterday who I would say were somewhat evenly matched, but this is far more free flowing. Very entertaining so far.


And well done to the BBC for not having Guscott, Jiffy or Brian Moore on the team.
None of them played in the modern professional game and should have been pensioned off years ago.


From first half entertainment to second half comedy.


Come on you Sweaties!


The way things are going, a converted Try from France is on the cards :open_mouth:


Not now




Missed the first half… Bugger.