Rugby A Game For Gentlemen


The theory is that to win a world cup you need players with 30+ caps, as they have the mental strength. So he picked his team two years ago and is now playing them if he can, injuries aside.

Billy V will always be injured, as he has been too heavy for a long time when he was very young and will have fucked his joints and ligaments.


The theory doesn’t seem to be working out in practice.


Whilst our performance on Saturday was poor, I think there’s a bit of over reaction here.

Our record under Jones has taken us from a dismal WC failure to no 2 in World rugby. One bad defeat doesn’t mean he should tear up the team sheet and start again, which he will not do anyway.

A bit of perspective is needed IMO


With the resources and talent available to Jones I don’t think that significant criticism to yesterday’s loss is an over-reaction.

I agree his record is good but that doesn’t guarantee anything in the future, it’s especially worrying if, against the odds, we suddenly lose to sides that are ‘theoretically’ weak like Scotland.

In international rugby union you have very few games to make it count.


Fair enough.

I do.

Fans in difference of opinion shocker :grin:


Will be interesting to see how England respond in Paris, and how Scotland fare against the Irish back row.


While the team is winning there is no reason to change anything, when we lose it is time to have a closer look.

Either some of the old guard are really past it and have been found out and certainly won’t be around for RWC in which case they need to go now, or some young players aren’t as good as we thought they were, or maybe certain players just had a bad game.

I doubt Eddie will have a knee jerk reaction but I am sure he has found out more about certain players in a defeat than he has in a winning match.


I agree




Big test for England today, especially give the way Ireland beat Scotland

They don’t just need to win.
Really pleased that George is starting.


England have just handed the title to Ireland, they don’t look like scoring one try, let alone four.


At this rate they won’t even win. :frowning:




Stupid game Rugby.



Tense 5 minutes now!


Should have been penalty to France at the line out


Daly should never have been penalised earlier, it is the way of the game.


Should be a France win now


Not necessarily…