Rugby A Game For Gentlemen


What do you reckon to Brad Shields Bob?


Good analysis, but I wish you’d get off the fence and say what you really mean :wink:


Very good player, will be interesting to see if he gets support from the other players or will it be a Vainikolo type situation where nobody passes to him. His qualities are size and speed at the breakdown (for a 6). His hands are not the best, and he is a bit of a dumb fuck who runs into people.

How he will fit into the slow forwards based game England are playing at the moment, rather than the faster NZ style remains to be seen. I wouldn’t pin all my hopes on him being the breakdown answer.

For the world cup my back 3 forwards would be Shields (6) Willis (7) and Billy Vinopola (8). I think the way Willis plays he is going to spend most of next season injured. On the bench Curry.

Eddie will probably ruin Shields in a training camp anyway and the ‘England’ conditioning guys will beef him up so he’s too slow.


The Redpath pick is bizzare, it’s 100% to keep Scotchland off him. His dad has been playing a game with the RFU and the idiots have played along. Personally, I would have said you are at least 3 years away, go and learn your trade. If you feel Scotch, fuck off there and win nothing.


Watched the European Challenge Cup final last night, Cardiff Blues - Gloucester. Exciting stuff that went down to the wire.

Watched the European Champions Cup today, Leinster - Racing 92. Turgid game. At least the beer was good.



England U20 shite in the six nations and shite against South Africa and so the answer is… draft in players who played in the premiership.

If I was Marcus Smith, I would have a strategic injury and have the summer off to recover. Fuck the U20s.

The coaching at England U20s at the moment is poor. FFS they lost to Italy.


Just got tickets for me and the girls to Wales v Scotland, Nov 3rd. It will be my daughter’s first International.

“The two teams will compete for the newly created ‘Doddie Weir Cup’, in support of the former Scotland and British & Irish Lions player who has been diagnosed with Motor Neurone Disease.”


We’ll England, what a shambles against the Baas Baas.


Didn’t even realise it was on.

Must have been zero publicity. I’m shocked I have just found out! What with F1, footy and Giro, BBC sport seems to have missed it on the webpage. Not seen a hint.

Some lovely sevens type, madhouse chucking from the BBs.




The England match being shown NOW


As he regularly proves and has done so yet again, Jones does not like having his methods questioned or scrutinised. He resorts to boorish sarcasm to justify them. What Jones really needs to answer, if as he claims players need to train harder and with more intensity to prepare them to play international rugby, why don’t New Zealand players and those of other international teams suffer similar high rates of injury during training? Still, of course, Jones knows best.


Watching Wales v South Africa

Fucking awful game, about as entertaining as a dose of the clap


It truly is a dire game. Not sure if I can be arsed with the second half…


Second half was better, but that’s a bit like saying a punch on your nose is better than a kick in the balls


Comedy try sealed the deal. Keystone Cops rugby.


Watched the first half, then went to sleep. Probably the worst international game ever. So many scrums and resets.

That is the worst ZA side I have ever seen.


The greasy conditions and the refereeing of the scrum did not help matters.