Rugby A Game For Gentlemen


How so?


Not again :tired_face:

Daniel Cipriani was charged with common assault, larceny, assault on police, resisting arrest and disorderly on licensed premises.


He’s a pisshead who cannot handle his beer.


Shame, for him, that he cannot control himself. Shame for England for the same reasons. I’m a massive Cips fan but I fear he has blown his last chance. . . .knobhead


He got a fine


Can you imagine the uproar if this had been Rooney, Sterling or Dele Alli?


I look forward to “Cips - My Story” in The Sun.


I’ve never understood the point of fining people with money,utterly useless deterrent.


I think it should be a formula calculated based upon their earnings, wealth and future earnings likelihood. That would make people think.


Yes a sliding scale would be fairer.

I’d of thought 7 or 14 days inside would have possibly had a better effect.

Taking the sliding scale into account,he has just been fined about £25.00 on what i guess is the average wage


He was only arrested early hours of yesterday morning so dealt with very swiftly. That and the fine would suggest not “that” serious. Why sports people put themselves in this sort of situation is a puzzle though!


Not sure on Jersey law,but i think magistrates in the UK could only give 12 months prison,otherwise it would have to go to crown court

With the guilty plea and no need for reports they can get cases sorted quickly if it is just a fine.

If he was going to be given a prison sentence or probation then it probably would have of been adjourned for reports


Mind you Jersey have a good rugby team now.
English Championship.


Watching the RL Challenge Cup final (at home, unfortunately not at Wembley).

So far all going swimmingly, in the warm up match, my old school, Wade Deacon (Widnes) beat St John Fisher (Wigan) in the Schools Championship, and now Warrington are having a new one ripped by Catalan Dragons.

Great stuff.


Wrong thread :grin:


Ooh, was a bit squeaky bum at the end there, but Catalan held on for a good 20 minutes under a lot of pressure from the Wire.

Brilliant match!


I’m watching proppa rugby

Argies 3-0 S’Africa (and getting tetchy already) 10 mins)



Pick up ball, run into fat bloke. Repeat 5 times and kick. Pointless excuse for a sport.

MrKettle (ex Warrington)


Not fat these days, you see more padding on the bigger Union lads.

The 6 tackle rule is just something that was invented to differentiate from Union, don’t mind it really, speeds up the game.

RL scrums are bloody pointless though, may as well award a penalty.

Anyway, I can understand a Warringtonian disowning the game, seeing as the Wire have always played it so abysmally… :wink:


About as meaningful as the line outs :grin: