Rugby A Game For Gentlemen


I only saw 20-odd minutes, but it was great to see such fierce defence from England, Ireland just couldn’t make any breaks. Super stuff.


Great respect from the local crowd, a lesson for our blue painted cousins
Some outstanding individual performances for England


Bloody waiters - always skiving off, haven’t you got work to do?



Scotland started so well …


Stockdale is quick :open_mouth:


I’m not a rugger bugger, but Nephew no 1 will be walking out with the England squad tomorrow. He’s 11 years old. Speaking with him on the phone today his excitement was viral. I’ve been pondering what it would be like as an 11 year old (or an adult) to stand on the pitch, hear the roar, to be in the eye of such a storm. I think it would be utterly incredible. F.O.L. 1 now thinks his big cousin in the coolest person ever (Other than the Hulk)


Gotta love interception tries!


Great game so far


Here we go!
Have warned neighbours nobody is getting murderd, just me shouting at the telly for 8o minutes.


Sure to be another bruising encounter





66 seconds :smiley:


May is bloody quick


If you go to an England game don’t dawdle in the pub before hand, you need to be in your seat at the start!


Incredible run of early try scoring.


England really are different gravy with Tuilangi in the team.


Having Billy back is also a big plus


Great stuff. Lovely finish from May.


Game over


French still look dangerous