Sacred Bones Free or Name Your Own Price Download Offer

Sacred Bones has an offer going via Bandcamp in support of the Standing Rock Protestors. Effectively, it is name your own price on anything here:
That is, FLAC downloads are free, but if you want to use the Bandcamp streaming support it is a minimum of US$1 per item. I’ve filled my boots with Moon Duo and Psychic Ills downloads and will peruse the rest of the releases.

The offer is good until December 4 and seems to be in support of a very good cause if media reports are to be believed.


Some David Lynch there too… no idea if his music is as good as his films!

Let me know if any of it is worth a listen… there’s a lot there and it’s all new to me.

You can listen to it all for free on Bandcamp if you are unsure. I haven’t grabbed any of his music yet though.