Sad news for Kralk Audio

Seems like Alan and his new partners can’t work together…

Shame, I really liked the TBD-12s at Cranage last year.


There is an awful lot more to this than that statement from one side of the story.

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Maybe that Alan bloke can just start up Alk Audio.

I don’t doubt it Rob.

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It certainly read as very one sided, and the fact it was only signed by one side was telling


Yep, one can only guess that Alan has been turned over.

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I’d guess he was selling too cheap and the new people wanted to put prices at a more commercial level. (Based on absolutely no actual knowledge of the situation)

These guys are clearly saying that they think Alan doesn’t have the first clue how to run an effective business.

And now, he can’t do anything, because they have the intellectual rights.

I suppose it depends what they want out of it. Alan may be happy to cover costs and enjoy selling a nice product. They may want to make more profit

This is the same Mike Harlington of hemp trades (via companies house he’s the director of hemp trade, kralk and some other ‘horticultural grow light’ businesses), do some googling and there’s an awful lot of info about him being quite a bully and misuse of trade names, false stories and trying to force other people out of a business.

Feel quite sorry for Alan as that Mike Harlington looks to be a colossal cunt (and a smarmy punchable face)


This :+1:

Most punchable looking cunt I’ve seen since I accidentally glanced in a mirror a few days ago…


Jesus, that must take some recovery time

‘Shirt collar outside of casual pink sweater look’ alert :astonished:

Looks to be taking fashion and grooming tips from @AmDismal :rofl:


Shades of @AmDismal :+1:

Damn, you edited you bastard!


Collar outside a pink jumper will carry a 3 to 6 month sentence in parkhurst once I become pm. An extra 30 days if they call it knitwear


Why do you think I can’t sleep at night? :scream:

Luckily, there are buckets near every mirror. Lesson learned :+1:

Hempy Mike

“Face like someone caught a bout of explosive diarrhoea in a pink balloon…”


I wonder if he’s genuinely as litigious as is alleged.

My spidey senses tell me that we’re about to find out.