Save the best for last

Which bands or artists bucked the trend of recording their best music near the beginning of their careers by saving their best efforts for last?

I can only think of one - are there any more?

LA Woman by The Doors was their last LP and is I think their best. Not least because of the title track, LA Woman, and the epic Riders on the Storm both of which are as good or better than anything the band previously recorded. And it’s a back catalogue which offers up some great competition too.

Very rarely do any bands get better after 5 years.

Think most bands at best have 3 good albums in them

I suppose you could argue the beatles were better at the end.

Personally i think all bands should split after 5 years and go and do a normal job in lidls or similar.

J Cash

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J Cash

The cover of Hurt was rather excellent, yes.

I prefer the recent nick cave stuff over his early stuff.

Talk Talk got better later in their career; The Colour of Spring and Spirit of Eden are masterpieces and Laughing Stock, whilst maybe too introspective, is still stunning.

Depeche Mode had an artistic peak mid-career rather than in the last few years.

Radiohead’s early offerings aren’t a patch on there later releases (imo). You wouldn’t think Pablo Honey or The Bends were by the same band.